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How come girls like anal sex?
I love it myself, I can't get enough of it. I am with a blonde white girl and she can't get enough of me, she swallow all 9 inches and she wants more! She like it when I pull all the way out and then put it all the way back in, I like it because I can feel my dick slide through her and touch the end of her colon. So sexy!

But doesn't it not feel good? I once try and put my finger up there and it got all poopy and it hurt... are girls different?
Nothing to see here, people. Do not feed the trolls. Please move along...
Anal deodorant?
A blonde walks into a chemist's and asks for some anal deodorant.
The chemist, a slightly bemused, explains to the woman that they dont sell it, and never have done.
Unfazed, the blonde assures the chemist she's often bought the stuff from this shop and would like some more.
'I'm sorry,' says the chemist. 'Do you have the container it came in?'
'Yes,' the blonde says, producing it from her bag.
The chemist says, 'But that's just a normal stick of under-arm deodorant.'
The blonde replies, 'But the label says "To apply, push up bottom".'
I've found out that I like shemale porn,I mean when the T-girls are really nice.Also I like anal masturbation.
Hello,I'm a 24 years old confused young man.All my life my primary and only interest was girls.I remember falling in love as a guy, first love, teenage desire etc.So far I've had two serious (emotionally and physically fulfilling) relationships, both lasted over 3 years. However, since 20 I've found out about anal masturbation.It gave me many a sleepless night, I despaired that since I got great like in this activity, I'll be doomed to become gay, sooner or later.As for what sex I find attractive,I exclusively take to to ladies. I adore and desire their breast, blonde hair, nice buttocks, vaginas, souls etc. On the other hand,due to my anal-receptivity, began pondering over penises. The idea of being penetrated by a penis is enticing.Among my strongest desires belong two: 1) Being dominated by a gorgeous-looking woman, doing all possible things with her. That's fine. But 2) the fantasy of a penis ejaculatin inside me is arousing. Am I to become gay?I dream of marrying a womaan,thoug
Honey, you can like whatever you want without being gay. There are plenty of couples who do some really freaky stuff in the bedroom. Everyone has fantasies and they can be fulfilled in one way or another. Maybe you and your girl could get some toys and have a blast. I know that being gay seems to be the 'in' thing right now but that doesn't mean you have to be. It's your choice.

I enjoy watching other women in porn and willingly point out hot girls to my husband. I've tried the girl on girl thing and found out that talking about with my husband or simply fantasizing about it was more arousing. It seems like you prefer women but are a little curious. Maybe all you need is a liberal mate who will help you act out and experiment with your fantasies. Then you can remain blissfully straight and be kinky in bed.
What is the name of this pornstar with star tattoo on her abdomen?
She's blonde.. i dont remember her first name though, started with k or c. Doing anal. Face like kiera knightley but not thin like her.
I think that's more than 20%
that's a good 30-45%
how bout a pic next time?
Name of an actor, he has blonde hair and glasses?
Ok I'm going to have an anurism if I don't remember this. I can't even remember what movies he's been in. The reason why is cuz my Communications teacher looks like him! LOL Ok so he's blonde, older but not old probably like 40sish. He usually wears glasses. Sometimes plays like a snobby or anal kind of person. OMG seriously just throw names out there!!! I'm going insane!
Is it Ed Begley Jr????
What should girls look like 'down there'?
I'm wondering what I should do down there. I'm talking about pubic hair, anal hair, and just little blonde fuzzies pretty much all over my rear end. I don't know how abnormal all of this is, and I never really thought too much about it until recently. I'm starting to experiment with my sexuality, and I want to know how I'm supposed to keep my 'business' up to par. Any thoughts?
.It's your 'business' right? Keep it as you desire. You can't please everyone, so you might as well please yourself.

I choose to be clean shaven because I think it looks better, is cleaner, and it is definitely more sensitive (during intimacy, self or with a partner). Besides, guys don't like to get hair in their mouth any more than we do.

As for your behind, shave, wax, or leave it as is. Depends on how much the hair offends you.

Seems like this would be more suited to Beauty & Hygiene or Women's Health.
Is it be possible this pain who is coming from my anal region be treat with my mistres vagisiliss creams?
who she is telling me she is use on the regular basis for her vaginl whole? i am asking this because i am good muslim in ramadan and i was not able do real penetration sex cuz i do fast now. so because this she say oussama but i can still funger u r anus after i am do masturbation to my hot white amrican pussy who is not boring like u r veil waife fatima. so she is funger her pussys and then funger my prostates with her fungers and wetness from her pussy. during this time she was became excite and scratch inside my anus a lettle with her long sharp red painted nail who isl ike a claw. this is another reason i like her beside be sexy blonde amrican with blew eyes. she is sexy with her clothes and red paint nail. anyways this now yesterday and my anus hurting me severely. you are think her vagisilis creem she is using on regular basis almost daily for her vaginl fungai can treat me anus? i think this problem in my anus is not just scratch but also yeast from the pussy wetness she funger my anus with her finger with. please help me spiritual people especialy my moslem brothers and sisters. happy ramadan!
You need to examine if there are lumps or some bumpy area that hurts near anus. It could be hemorrhoids. Yes there are creams for that.
Bleeding and protrusion are among the most common symptoms of hemorrhoids. Nevertheless, Mazier reported on a series of 500 sufferers with complaints of “hemorrhoids” and uncovered that only one third had any significant hemorrhoids (personal communication). hemorrhoids bleeding usually results in bright red blood that drops into the toilet or is noted about the toilet. It truly is commonly painless. Additional vigorous bleeding can occur as the hemorrhoids enlarge. Normally, prompt reduction in the protruding mass will trigger this bleeding to abate. Acute thromboses of internal or external hemorrhoids are usually associated with severe pain that occurs with a palpable perianal mass. These patients are generally really uncomfortable, along with the diagnosis is right away obvious on clinical examination.

Examination in the affected person with hematochezia, though dictated largely by the age on the affected individual, really should consist of sufficient investigations to rule out a proximal source of bleeding, for instance inflammatory bowel illness or neoplasia. Moreover, hemorrhoids bleeding is rarely a cause of iron-deficiency anemia.
I suggest you visit this site if u want to know more about the treatment.
I keep getting internet adds for things i have Googled in the past?
ok ill admit it... iv looked at lesbian porn... alot of it... but i keep getting ads on youtube pertaining to lesbian dating and shiit... i mean wtf sometimes the ads are specific to terms i have googled in the past like "BLONDE lesbian ANAL DILDO porn"... is google spying on me? not just that.. but if I google something like "how to get rid of spiders" I get a damn exterminator ads beside the videos im watching... if i google "Spicy tuna" or "vanilla cake" recipes i get cooking and recipe advertisments next to the videos too.... sometimes specificly saying shiit like "spicy tuna casserole" then show a picture of it and say something like "looking for great recipes for: tuna? " do i have spyware and cookies on my computer? how can i get rid of it? how do these ads know what city i live in? i keep getting ads that say stuff like "looking for great places to eat in: Lexington Ky?" how does the ******** internet know what city i live in? my IP address? anyways... how to i get rid of these ads... or the thing that is telling these ads what i look up so they advertise stuff they think might interest me? i need to get rid of it

its starting to really creep me out
if you are using google chrome then you need to get rid of it.
it creates a unique number that identifies you personaly over the internet,
and sends back information to google,
about every website you visit and what you did while you were there.
this info is made available to anybody that requires it,
including advertisers.

any other browsers
you need to clean out the cookies at the end of every internet session
and block all third party cookies.

ad blockers are available for
srware iron which is a chrome browser without the google spyware.
and there is even one ready built in to ie8 and ie9


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