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Is it normal for guys to admire/envy their peers' physiques and be curious about how they look like when nude?
I was just wondering because many guys feel very insecure when in their late teens/early twenties and I'm no different.
I find myself checking out my friends sometimes for having lean but muscular physiques enviously, and sometimes want to see their privates to compare sizes.
dont compare,,,, you will always, always find better and destined to strive for stupid crap. Your good.
Why do so may people tend to sexualize non-sexual situations?
Such as bathing with parents (totally innocent and fun) and nudity? My guys don't think twice if they happen to see me or each other nude because they've been taught that nudity and body differences are just normal. So why do people fly off the handle at the mere suggestion, as if something dirty's going on? My guys are well adjusted and in their early teens, not junior serial killers by any means, so what gives?
It is called hysteria. The hysteria about pedophiles has reached unhealthy levels. Any natural activity with guyren is now suspicious and a possible sexual abuse. Organizations and individuals have rightly fought against sexually abuse of guyren, but sadly they have misled people to believe that every second guy have been sexually abused and any misbehavior in a guy is caused by sexual abuse. Even experts ( therapists, psychologists etc. ) have lost sight of reality. It has now become a ``universal truth`` that even the slightest touch of a guy will cause a life long traumatic situation. So many people believe it because nobody dares to speak against this hysteria, which is completely out of proportions.
If u have ever been caught totally nude 4 any reason by an older neighbor of the opposite sex, what happened?
This is a repost to see what the reaction is from a different audience.

I mean when you are or were becoming of age sexually, not an 8 or something year old. It happened to me when I got out of my pool and was drying off in my garage. It happened with two different female (I am a male) neighbors and while nothing happened sexually both of them saw me many more times after the first accidental times (they were different times). I did not hide myself and they seemed to find a way to be there at just the right time or be looking out there windows into my garage just as I was entering it - so I just waved and dried off and they waved back. I was in my mid to teens to early 20's and one neighbor was in her 30's and the other I think was in her mid 50's.I was not nude until I got in the garage, however on one occasion the yonger of the two scared me out of my garage by yelling there was a rat behind me. I was totally nude outside and she was laughing her head off - but either no one else saw it or they did not complain. It was the only time I was ever touched by one of them she "spanked" me for being a bad boy and we both had a good laugh afterwards!!!!!

Answer me please?
Is my make up okay? Any suggestions?
I have medium brown hair, green eyes, SUPER long lashes, naturally red lips and I'm in my early teens. I also have SUPER messy eyebrows but they are full and look okay.
My look is brownish-black mascara, tinted chapstick or clear gloss, and green or nude eyeshadow.

I am in my early teens. Any tips?

Thanks!!! :)
That is a perfect color pallet to use. Also try adding light pinks (eyeshadow or blush) and purple eyeliner to really make your eyes pop. just make sure it goes with your skin tone
I exchanged in flirting online with another guy... anyone else?
I've always been BIG on the internet, like always had blogs and chat since I was an early teen. I'm in my mid 20's now and soon to be married.

This was BEFORE being engaged but with the same guy.

Well, almost 2 years ago, in one of the chats I've had, I got to know another guy after a few months. He lives on the other side of the world! I sent a ton of face shots of different fun expressions or flirty expressions and eventually our online encounters got a little more intense.

But... to be honest... I was playing with him. Perhaps he was playing with me also. I just wanted to see how far he would go. I never bared all, but showed close ups of my underwear or tried to make it look like I had bare shoulders, etc. No face showing in the risque pictures!!
He sent me nudes eventually, and that is when I laughed and became intrugued... felt empowered that I could make a stranger do this (and boy, for someone who's been on the net so long, how the hell did it take me so long to find this out??)

I certainly don't feel empowered anymore!

I continued sending nothing more than random every day things and some happy smily face shots hoping to cool down the chats and eventually stop talking to him. This happened, but not after him sending more nude and crude pictures. Eventually I just started ignoring him and we stopped chatting. It's been nearly 2 years now.

I feel SO disgusting!! I felt in control at the time, but now that time has passed it's like... was I for real with that? Why the heck did I engage in that? He wasn't even all that attractive! I just liked the "excitement," something was happening in my life. I even thought about episodes of Sex & the City and how they always had all these crazy dates. I just wanted that "crazy experience," where I was in my early 20's, before I was engaged... and dear lord would I NEVER do any of this in person. I get really uncomfortable around other guys, and I'm not a good flirt at all.

I want to forgive myself. I keep telling myself "you know what? Maybe years into marriage you're going to feel a little bored... a little lonely... a little yearning for more affection or something new... and you'll know that this road is NOT the one to take, and to engage in healthy interests."

I look around me and I see people that have halos on their heads. Has no one else flirted intensely or crossed lines while in a relationship?

I have matured so much since this incident that it makes me feel sick. Just a fun thing at the time and now an obsessive regret.
Yes, you screwed up. We all screw up. None of us have a halo. You are probably eaten apart with guilt because it's a secret you continue to keep from your husband - which makes you feel like you're committing a tiny sin each day you continue in silence.

So what did you do exactly? You had a need for excitement. It wasn't being filled in your marriage. So you looked outside. There was nothing wrong with craving excitement. There was nothing wrong with seeking to fill that excitement. The mistake you made was filling that need for excitement in a sexual way with someone else.

There are tons of people in the world that will have a full blown affair for that same reason. There are also tons of people who instead take a trip to a special store with their significant other and buy a new toy!

So I think you have a need for excitement that isn't being met. Focus on your husband and try to think of ways to spice things up. Be creative! If you really love each other, you can always find a way to put a spark back into it.
Shunned by siblings -- do I approach them or wait for them to come around.?
I am 34 married attorney.

During my early teen years, my father sexually molested my sister (now 33). To my knowledge, this never went beyond inappropriate touching. I was a witness to some of the abuse.

On one occasion, I walked in on my father in bed with my sister during the middle of the day. He only had on briefs. She was wearing a nightgown. Upon my entering the room, he leaped from the bed. I pretended not to notice.

On several occasions, I witnessed inappropriate "over the clothing" touching -- he would regularly drape his hand over her shoulder and grope her breast when he thought no one was looking. Again, I pretended not to notice.

On one particularly egregious occasion, I watched my father put his foot/toes in the crotch of my sister's panties. They were seated across from each other and I clearly saw what he was doing.

When my sister was 13yo, I found semi-nude photos of her in my father's desk. I did bring this up to my mother who claimed it was part of a "weight loss program" my father had put her on.

I had several conversations about the abuse with my mother. She denied any wrong-doing by my father (at least of a sexual nature -- claiming my father had "boundary issues" but did not seek sexual gratification from his actions).

My sister came forward with allegations of abuse when she was 16. She was immediately ostracized by our immediate and extended family. I am ashamed to admit that, despite my own personal knowledge of the abuse, I did not openly come forward. As a 17 year-old man I did not have a "good" reason for not standing up for what I knew to be right. I guess I was afraid -- both of my father (he was physically and psychologically abusive) and of the potential of suffering the same fate as my sister.

Around age 24 (married and in college) I finally "called my father out" in the presence of my mother and wife. I told him I knew he had abused my sister and demanded that he acknowlege and apologize for his actions. I had been angry for many years as I had felt like a complicit accomplice in my father's actions. I have not spoke to him since (10+ years). I have spoken to my mother in passing and have offered her the opportunity to establish a relationship with my wife/guyren. She refused to do so unless I also allowed my father "back in" without conditions. I found this to be unacceptable and have not spoke to her in years.

My abused sibling "J" (33) and I (34) have two siblings "N"(32) and "M" (29). We are all now married with our own guyren. I am now close to J. N and M have cut off ties with me -- out of an apparent sense of "loyalty" to my father and mother.

I have been blessed in my family (immediate), career and finances. I should be happy but can not get past what feels like a gaping hole in my life -- i.e. the lack of my family. I very much want to pursue a relationship with N and M (they both live locally with guyren -- cousins my guyren have never met!). N and M last left things at "its all or nothing" (i.e. if I'm not willing to have my father in my life, they're not willing to be in mine). Should I continue to push them for a relationship? I can't bring myself to consider a relationship with my father -- but should I get over this for the sake of pursuing a relationship with my siblings?
It's a shame your family isn't seeing your father for what he is, but I agree about not allowing him back into your life, especially around your own guyren. You have tried to make up with the remainder of your family, but like someone else said, there is only so much you can do. If they don't want to see the truth, they simply won't.
However, leave the door open for them, if they ever want to step in. Send birthday and Christmas cards, and the occasional email to let them know how your life is progressing. Even if they don't reply, you'll still be showing how much you care for them. That's really the best anyone can do.
16 and pregnant or 18 w/ nude pics?
Ok my cousin and I were debating about something earlier and I want to see what your opinions about the topic are and why.

Would you rather your 16-18 years old teen have a naked picture taken and spraed for a bit on the internet?


Would you rather your 16 teen have a guy?

Here is my opinion: I would rather my guy have a nude pic than have a guy because at 18 they are more than mature to know the mistake they made and pretty much they are adults by then. Also because a guy is a life commitment it just isnt going to disappear like a picture can. Not only that but your guy loses his/her guyhood and jumps right into parenthood without knowing what they are in for.

With that being said, I really want to know your opinions about said topic.
I would rather have the nude pic than to have a 16 year old with a baby......
My girlfriend sleeps naked with her teen son sometimes?
I'm 49. My girlfriend is 35 and she has a 14 year old son. I've met her son many times and we get along very well. My girlfriend told me early on that she and her son were nudists. We've been nude beaches a few times together. I don't see anything wrong with nudity (though it's not my lifestyle 24/7). I recently moved in my girlfriend about 2 months ago. I work nights; usually 5 or 6 nights a week at least. One night I came home early and I found her in bed in her son's room. They were cuddled together and watching a movie but they were both naked. When I walked in, they didn't try to hide it or anything (so I don't think there was anything sexual or anything or they would have tried to hide it I think). After her son went to bed, I talked about it with her and she said that she didn't see anything wrong with it. I don't know what to think. Part of me wants to think it's like guy abuse but from how I know how they think, I want to believe it's just normal for people who are nudists/naturalists? Is it something that needs to be addressed? Or is this common among nudist families? Thank you.
The mother IS doing something wrong here.
She has let a strange man move into her house with her and her son.

That's the only bad parenting I see here. If she wants to move her stud into her house, she should wait until he is old enough to move out.
My story for a writing contest (different story)?
Titanic—Rose’s Story
A novelization of the script
Written by James Cameron
Adapted by Olivia
Based on “Titanic: James Cameron’s Illustrated Screenplay”
My name is Rose Calvert. Two years ago I started my second century of life. In my long life, I have done many things. I have been married and widowed. I have raised guyren, watched them raise my grandguyren, and now watch them raise my great-grandguyren. But I have also acted in silent pictures. I have flown a plane. I have ridden a horse in the surf. But all of these things I might have never done had it not been for one man, one man whom I think of and thank every day of my so-long life. I had not spoken of him in over 80 years, keeping him close to my own heart, but last year something happened that changed my mind.
It was the summer of 2005 and I was sitting in my glassed-in studio that was attached to the living room of my small house in Ojai, California, throwing a pot on my potter’s wheel. The liquid red clay covered my hands…hands that might be gnarled and age-spotted, but were still surprisingly strong and supple.
My forty-year-old granddaughter, Elizabeth Calvert, who I call Lizzie, was in the kitchen, opening a can of dog food for my Pomeranian, Freddy. I will always be grateful to Lizzie for taking care of me for the last ten-twenty years so that I can continue to live in my own home—no nursing homes for this old lady! As the can opener buzzed, I could barely hear the small television set sitting on counter, so it was simply background noise, until a certain word caught my attention.
It was one of those news programs and the announcer was saying, “Treasure-hunter Brock Lovett is best known for finding Spanish gold in sunken galleons in the Caribbean. Now he is using deep submergence technology to work 2 ½ miles down at another famous wreck…the Titanic.”
Hearing that name, I turned off my wheel and began wiping the clay from my hands with a rag as I listened more carefully. The announcer was saying, “He is with us live via satellite from a Russian research ship in the middle of the Atlantic. Hello, Brock?”
And for the first time, I heard the voice of Brock Lovett, treasure hunter: “Yes, hi, Tracy. You know, Titanic is not just a shipwreck, Titanic is the shipwreck. It’s the Mount Everest of shipwrecks. I’ve planned this expedition for three years, and we’re out here recovering some amazing things…things that will have enormous historical and educational value.”
Hearing this, I rose from my stool, took my cane and slowly began walking towards the kitchen. As I walked, the announcer’s voice sounded skeptical. “But it’s no secret that education is not your main purpose. You’re a treasure hunter. Your expedition is at the center of a storm of controversy over salvage rights and even ethics. Many are calling you a grave robber.”
Entering the kitchen, I told Lizzie, “Turn that up, dear,” and after she did, I could clearly hear the sneer in Mr. Lovett’s voice. “Nobody called the recovery of the artifacts from King Tut’s tomb grave robbing. I have museum-trained experts here, making sure this stuff is preserved and catalogued properly. Look at this drawing, which was found today, a piece of paper that’s been underwater for 84 years…and my team was able to preserve it intact. Should this have remained unseen at the bottom of the ocean for eternity, when we can see it and enjoy it now?”
As he spoke, I was standing right next to the television set, staring at the screen, which showed an old, old pencil drawing still in excellent condition except for its partially-disintegrated edges. The drawing showed a beautiful young woman, beautifully rendered. In her late teens or early twenties, she was nude, though posed with a kind of casual modesty. She was on an Empire divan, in a pool of light that seemed to radiate outward from her eyes. Scrawled in the lower right hand corner is the date: April 14, 1912.
The girl was not totally nude. At her throat was a diamond necklace with one large stone hanging in the center.
Staring at that drawing I had to say the only thing I could think: “I’ll be goddamned.”
That program was the beginning of my journey. When I told Lizzie what I wanted to do, she was certain that I had finally lost my faculties, but since she loves me, she humored me. She telephoned the local television station, which transferred her to the network. When they found out what I wanted and why, they connected me with the Russian research ship, and a Mr. Bobby Buell, who represented the partners who were bankrolling the expedition.
When I told him what I wanted, he told me to “hang on”, then I could hear him running, Soon I could hear his feet running back and his voice saying, “You gotta speak up; she's kinda old,” and I smiled before I heard the same brash, impatient voice I had heard on the television set. “This is Brock Lovett. What can I do for you, Mrs….”
“Calvert,” I introduced myself. “Rose Calvert.”
“Mrs. Calv
I love the story.

The entry is good, only because no one ever uses it. The person, who said it's only what kinder gardeners use i have to say, i get pretty bored when a story starts

As i rushed into the kitchen to see what was wrong

Isn't that a little to predictable??

Love the the story
Why do we have a crush on women who are hot?
My type of women in appearance are dark hair (curly sometimes), brunette, blond (it doesn't matter), hot, bright skin, good body, late teens early 20s, thick neck, wide shoulders, somebody as sexy as the woman (wet, nearly nude with a pink cotton button-down shirt, bare thighs showing) who gets killed by Jason at the beginning of FREDDY VS. JASON. Somebody as sexy as Carrie Underwood. Somebody as sexy as Charlize Theron. Somebody as sexy as a young Sherilyn Fenn. Somebody who likes to be touched. Somebody innocent, somebody who is a good help, somebody to have friends with, somebody nice.
fitness indicator as per evolution..and then thanks to media for setting the attractiveness standards

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