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Why is it that at every job there is always that one hot *** woman making every man suffer with her beauty?
She never gives it up to any guy she's just there to tease you.
It's just you, because of that one time you thought it would be cool to grow a mustache on the left side of your face.
GIRLS,this REALLY hot women was being an *** to me?
this REALLY hot women was being an *** to me,i really don't know why

i was quiet and calm but this chick was very suspecious of me

she looks like this

take off the glasses

it was a sort of buisness place so she was dressed as a secretary

but people say i look like this

they say i have the same hair,ALMOST same face,

im not the guy in the pic but i look like him

anyways i felt

we are in the same leauge so why start problems????
First, learn that if there is only one woman, it is not "women" and second get out of your fantasy world.
Why do men find these boney *** women so hot?
They look sick, crack whores come to mind.....
Girl if I could tell you this then the world would not have such a negative outlook on the "real" women body image!
Smoking hot woman in audience @ 2009 BET Awards?
The camera kept showing this hot-*** woman in the audience during the show. I believe her dress was gold in color and she might have been latin (or light-skinned). Does anyone know who she was?
A lot of those shows hire seat fillers, which are people who are aspiring actresses or actors, or they might just be someone's niece or friend. A lot of actors have to get up to present, accept an award, just don't show up, or something of the like, and if the camera were to pan around, there would be several seats empty. They hire people to jump into those seats to sit in the audience and look pretty. If no one knows who she is, she was probably hired to look hot in the audience.
How do you approach hot women?
I lost my game recently
and I dont know how to approach women and keep a conversation going
before it was no problem
but now iam in college and I suck ***
why jesus why lol
any tips?
Dang dude, the exact opposite happened to me. College is opened me up. But getting back to your problem, practice makes perfect. Before you go to a girl that you like or think is hot, think up some conversation starters. Just have some thoughts about what you wanna say before you actually aproach them. I know how it is though man, sometimes I still kind of freeze up and shoot blanks(my mind goes blank).
Hot Japanese and Korean Women?
have you been to GUAM and HAWAII? there are lots of hot *** japanese and korean women out there, they are soo beautiful..
OK,i have been to japan and there are so many good looking japanese girs so what are you asking ??
My Awkward *** hot model body && its gets on my nerves?
Ok so let me just begin, i am a girl, with unfortunate height of hell, I am a striking 6'1. But im not a awkward looking girl, im hot && the guys love my height and legs, they think tall women are gorgeus, Mind u im only 18 too. But anyways, Im skinny, with hips that protrude out suck in and protrude out again?? kinda reminds me of a skeleton, && i am not a skeleton. Is this cause im too skinny and i should gain weight and excersise?? My body measurements are 34 - 24 - 34 Im guessing, i haven't measured myself in a while. But I have a small butt too, Healthy butt, no celulite or nothing, but its on the small side, lets say if i do 50 squatts every day for a month with my butt get really big?? I want more of a women shape like im suppose to have, already my body is very slim / slender, but i want curves / hips && ***, were women, were not suppose to be curveless people like men, were appreciated for what we are givin, and sadly, my mom made me have a unfortunate model body, but i dont have model mentality, i want thickness and curves. SO, Basically the question is how can i fix my hip problem, and get a great big ***, && Mind u i dont go to the gym, but i should.
Every human needs exercise, thats something we have forgotten in the United States. Nothing your going to do is going to make you 'huge' or muscle bound. Most thin females in the US are "skinny fat", which is just as gross if not more gross than being overweight. Skinny fat is when a person is THIN, however there is very little muscle and therefore there is FAT. If your skinny and soft, then your skinny fat. Working out will fix this. Doing 50 squats a day or more will make you hotter, not big.
How do I get women that look like Playboy models?
This is some bullshit...I want some HOT ***. I am tired of flabby skin. Where are these women? Do I need to move to LA? My friends tell me that my STANDARDS are to high, and they may be right. ( thats why I'm single ) Where ARE THEY????
Standars are too high that easy

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