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Is my marriage over? threw out husband after he didnt cheat? wht do i do?
never used this site before, got marriage problems don't no what to do. well i will explain my life. me and my husband both grew up on the same council estate in worst area imaginable, my mother was an alcoholic and his mum was dead, he grew up with his dad and he beat him up a lot kicked him and belted him and would whack/punch him for nothing. his father drank, used drugs. We been together since age 16 and he never slept or been with anyone in any relationship (same with me), we known each other since 11. I am now 28 and he 29, nearly 30. We have good life, we got good income and mortgage will soon be paid within a year if we stilll keep the current income comin in, I got good qualifications in school, after years of college and finally going to uni after workin my a r s e off in mcdonalds and pizza shops to get by and gettin grants i went to uni and i am now a gp, been gp for past 3 years. he works in construction and owns a building company which he works on building some of the finest houses with his team of people, 2 and 3 million pound marble floor houses with acres of gardens. we have a 3 year old son who my husband adores and he brill dad and things have been going well until the past 2 weeks. i was happy, we have good life, he is amazing dad, wouldn't harm anyone, he is one of the good guys, he's a mans man if you get what i mean, plus he is an absolute hunk, works out, got great bod and sexy in everyway. we have/had great relationships no secrets, i dont no what else to say apart from he is a brill guy. our baby sitter who is 18yr old, we let her into our home and gave her a chance, gave her a lot of money, more than most, she looks after our son cause we got a lot on (workwise)until we come home at night and then we spend quality time together as family. a couple weeks ago my husband home early, i caught her naked in bathroom with him, he was out shower naked. my son was in playroom, my husband is a loyal and faithful man, he promised it wasn't what it looked. she ended up saying she loved him, it ended with me knockin her out with a punch. i was mad, my husband is as i say loyal, even my best girlfriend told me he would never cheat. i know he wouldnt. ended up i kicked him out before telling him that things havent been workin out between us and that i did not love him anyway and slapped him twice. i lied about not loving him. was mad and jealous, not of her (a got huge boobies and keep in shape, she not as hot as me), just the fact he was with another woman with no clothes. turns out my friend found out from a friends friend the same thing happened to her, turns out a similar thing happened to her and is clingy ***** and wont leave men alone. it same person, the lat guy she hit on was married police officer, turns out when he didn't have sex with her she accussed him of rape, her name annonomous, we know its her though. she went to newspaper, he suspended. she is evil. my husband came round to see our son but i ignore door. he left flowers and 100 voicemails and even talks to the front door when it closed.

how do i fix our marriage? he is the most important man in my life, how do i get him back and apologise. I never trusted him>>> i did but i was angry.??? what do i do????

be honest??>.do u think my marriage is over>> if i cant trust him why shoudl he be with me??
now i cant stop cryin 24/7
feel sick and dont no what to do. everytime i go to call him i feel sick.
Don't call him, he is a sneaky bastard. I don't care what you say. He had sex with that little tramp.

Pull yourself together and come back to reality. Would you ever be naked in the bathroom with a guy in your own home?

Come on lady. Don't listen to his bull. Just stick to your guns. If he loves you he will come back within a week or 2.
I believe in 2nd chances but after that he should be out forever. Don't let him turn this around on you and have you apologizing. Don't listen to your friend either, because she might have effed him too.

In the future make sure your babysitter is of retirement age.
What Do you think of my story so far? this is just a random section from it?
the spelling is bad right now but I'll change it later.You would think that with the 300 years of experiance I have, there would be no mysteries in my world, but i guess everyone has things they dont know. Like how to work this stupid thing on my arm!! UGGG! Is that a 6 or a 9?!?!?

I was suppose to be boarding the 9:00 plane according to the nice woman at the Mc donalds store, which meant I had 10 minutes to get from one end of the airport to the other. I hurridly grabbed my luggege in one hand, and my mc chicken sandwich in the other. While I stepped onto the flat escolater in front of me I tried to ignore the sexest comments coming from 6 guys standing over by the magazine rack.. If only they knew that I could kill them in less than a second. I hardly doubt they would be saying the things they are. But if i showed I knew anything now they would probably find it very suspicious considering they were standing a good 3 blocks away, which no normal human could hear that conversation from where i was standing.I tore my teeth into the Mc. Chicken out of anger, tearing off a hunk of the fast-food chicken. Normally I don't, nor does anyone of my kind, eat normal human food. It's not that we don't like it, it actually does taste quite nice sometimes, but human food doesn't hold a candle to the blood of a Type 0. Blood sustains us for quite some time, but you wouldn't want to be around a ravenous vampire...things could get, well, gory.

I was soon distracted, thinking of the men at the magazine rack. Their racy comments were unwanted, at least to me. I wasn't really one for the construction-worker-on-break talk. In my opinion, those lines and cat-calls were no way to get a woman to notice you in a postive way. Or, maybe that was just me.

I threw out my barely-eaten sandwich at the next trach can I saw, not in the mood to eat. The airport looks so large from outside, but now that I was walking from on half to the other, it didn't seem so large. Maybe it was the hundreds, thousands of people who were there, sitting, standing, most of them looking tired and confused. Anyhow, I was now half way through with five minutes left to spare. If I pick up the pace, I'll get there just in time.

Which, to my dismay, was an overstatment. I hardly got there just as they were making the final calls for boarding the plane, so I ended up having to excuse myself multiple times for bumping into numerous people on my way to a seat between one business-looking woman with a crisp work-suit on coupled with her golden hair tied back neatly in a bun, and a man who couldn't have been over 25, if even that.

He had a pair of headphones in, with his head back and eyes closed. To most people, his appearance would have made him edge toward the un-approachable side of society, but I had seen too many different people in my lifetime to even care what they were wearing, or what their current hair color was.

His was a dark brown shade, nearly black, and it fell in a mess against his forehead, lightly sweeping his eyebrows. It was curly, but not in a disorganized way that a homeless person might have. It suited his face.

His blue-jeaned legs were tapping up and down, presumably to the beat of whatever he was listening to in those headphones. Most of his arms were bare, but his upper shoulders were covered with the short sleeves of his black AC/DC shirt.

I made my way over to my seat, but accidentally bumped him while trying to slide past his legs. This caused him to jump which lead to the falling out of his earbud headphones, and his ice-blue shocked eyes looked up at me.

'Oh, jeez, sorry about that. I didn't know anyone was going to be sitting there, so I kind of...sorry.' He gave me a sheepish smile as a slight hint of pink rose to the tips of his ears.

'N-no, that's fine, it's my f-fault.' I cursed myself internally for stammering, but I couldn't get past his eyes. They were, in fact, the color of pure arctic ice, frozen yet also warm. I've seen plenty of eye colors, everything from black to contact-shades of red and purple, but no pair of contacts could ever be that color. Almost white, they were so blue.

I looked down at the duffel in my hands, one that would most certainly not be pleasant to have sitting in my lap the entire way.

I gave him an apologetic smile and started scooting outwards again to put in it the overhead carrying shelf, but he beat me to it.

'Allow me,' he said, then easily slid it into the available space. I was grateful, because I knew that I would be standing in the isle looking like an idiot, jumping up and down, trying to shove it in. My height, if you haven't guessed, isn't as tall as others.

I sat down, as did he, and I thought that he was going to put his earbuds back in and I would have to suffer through a severly long flight listening to Business Woman tap on her laptop. But I was surprised when he stuck out his hand and introduced himself with 'I'm Daniel. Coming from England, going to Colorado.' I was surprised to hear that both our coming-froms and going-tos were the same, and I wondered what part of England he was coming from, and what part of Colorado he was traveling to.

'Really? So am I. Coming from England, going to Colorado.' Again, I cursed myself in my head. I didn't even know this 'Daniel'. He could be a serial rapist or something, fleeing police. Not that this scared me, considering that I could kill him before he even made so much as a threat to me, but still. His eyes, though...they were warm, trusting eyes. I couldn't help but talk to him.

'Interesting, interesting...what part of England?'

'Cheshire,' I say, and I feel my heart drop. I was already homesick of my small little apartment that I lived before coming to live with my friend Tanya, who lives in Rye Colorado. It will take forever getting used to Colorado, even if I'd lived there previously. Every place I go to, even if I'd been there before, always feels different. I've seen New York in 100 years past, and I've seen it 10 years ago. Every minute it changes, whether it's the person walking by on the street or the digital sign on a billboard. Changing endlessly.

I snap back into reality, and realize that Daniel is speaking to me.

'Pardon?' I say, feeling rude for having tuned out.

'I was in a University around the Chesire area, but unfortunately they didn't approve of shall I say, 'social drinking'?' I never would have guessed from that he was a party-boy, he just didn't seem the type.

Suddenly, I felt so small next to him. Even being alive as long as I had, I had never so much as gotten drunk or even been to a bar. I was guessing that he had also 'gotten around', whereas I've never so much as been to second base. Barely even first. As you might have noticed, I'm not a particularily social butterfly. More a wallflower.

Well, mold, is more like it.
very very good!!!! You should definately publish this. i have a couple of questions...
1.) are you going to post any more of the story on y! answers?
2.) Is Daniel giong to be a large role in the story??
Thank you!!!! I have no criticism just keep going!!! It's great!!!!

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