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If I'm lesbian grinding....?
If I'm a party (or a club) and I'm grinding with a hot girl, where do my hands go? And what if we're facing each other? Thnx!
At ur sides
How do I teach my daughter about safe lesbian sex? Esp. regarding grinding? I can only find info on penis sex.?
My daughter is gay, and i want to make sure she stays safe. Where can I find info on safe LESBIAN sex? Every time I look up safety methods, I either get lesbian porn, or male gay sex tips (condoms).

I'm especially worried about grinding. I am not convinced that just keeping her panties on will protect her from aids or other std's. Fluids can go right through fabric. Is there a special protective item she can use?

Also, where do I find out more about dental dams? Are they effective?

Ok so me and my friend were grinding, and i sorta got an orgasm. does that mean im a lesbian?!?
i also get turned on by girls sometimes. But i loooveee men !
you are bi sexual...:D
I'm told that "scissors kissing" or "scissors grinding" are the lesbian positions I would like to try. Fun?
Any girls out there who have tried this with their girlfriends? I would like to surprise my lover with this tonight but want some feedback if this is stimulating. I hear it is fantastic but want to hear opinions from other more experienced lesbians. I'm kind of new to all of this. Sorry to bother you but thanks.
its good if you can climaxx from grinding.Have u ever strapped her now that is some stimulation for ya a**...lol
Right, so me and my friend was grinding, but thats it. Does that mean i am a lesbian or bi?
I am not attracted to girls at all. i am atracted to boys
Were you using an angle grinder? I hope you were wearing suitable protective clothing and eyewear
Am i a lesbian or bisexual if i love kissing girls?
I love kissing girls especially if they are hot and pretty .Am I a lesbo/bisexual? I feel happy when I kiss the girls I like or when Im grinding with them on the dancefloor but I would never want to have sex with anygirls.I just like kissing,hugging and dancing with them.So am I straight girl?Ive had many bfs before.
Sexuality is not as simple as the labels straight / homosexual / bisexual. These labels are just an oversimplification. Think of how some guys aren't even comfy hugging other guys...and then some girls are comfy hugging but would never be comfy kissing another girl. And maybe you are comfy kissing and being close in other ways, but not comfy with sex. And some people are attracted to both sexes but only feel comfortable in a relationship with one sex, for reasons of how they relate emotionally or mentally. Each person has different boundaries and different things that they're comfy with.

Touch, whether kissing, hugging, or even grinding or other kinds of contact when dancing, can mean different things for different people. Physical touch, like hugging, kissing, dancing, can often be really enjoyable, and can bring people together, whether it's sexual or not. And sometimes it's not clear whether touch is sexual or not. A lot of touch is in that weird gray area where it's kinda sexual but you're not sure.

Just ask yourself in each situations: what am I comfortable with? What are my boundaries? And, so long as you are also respecting other people's boundaries, it doesn't matter where you set yours. You don't need to label yourself.

How do I know if this one girl I like is bi or lesbian?
I asked this question before, but i don't think i would get any more answers...


We are both teens and she always makes jokes about being a lesbian, and she likes to "grind" on girls at school dances but she goes out with guys and does things like that. She is one of the popular girls at school, so I don't want to ask her just in case she isn't and she tells everyone I was wondering about that. Is there anything I can do or anything like that? Please help
Chances are the girl is curious. Most individuals are curious about sex and the feelings that they are having. A teenager wants to explore those feelings. In our society, it is more acceptable for two girls to explore and "grind" on the dance floor.

If you were a close friend, I would advise you to sit down and let the conversation lead into bi-sexuality and lesbianism. However, I would urge you not to in this case. Teenagers, especially popular girls who date popular boys, like to tell tales. Before you end the conversation - little miss popular will whip out her cell and type on my-space and you will have a reputation that I feel you wont live down quite easy.

Again, my advise is to forget her and chalk her actions down as teenage hormones and curiosity.

Good luck
Random question for lesbians. Do you like grinding, or licking down south?
i'm just toooootally bored in AP microbiology, and need something to do, and i'm a lesbian, so i thought i'd ask.
Pink Babes are the experts!

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