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When breastfeeding, do your nipples become stretched out and saggy?
I saw a video online about how to breastfeed and it shows the nipple all stretched out long, is this what really happens to the nipples? Do all women's nipples become large and not retain normal shape after breastfeeding has ended?
Your nipples turn into Husky Pencil erasers, it's pretty cute
If I lose weight will my boobs reduce in size? My nipples look stretched will they shrink slightly too?
my boobs are quite big, and my nipple especially on the bigger on looks stretched over the tip, will this shrink
yes, i lost 30 lbs and two cups sizes went with it.
How long did you use the nipple shield before your nipples stretched enough for baby to nurse?
My baby is 3 weeks old and I couldn't ever really get him latched on from the beginning b/c my nipples do not really stretch. They aren't inverted or flat just don't stretch far enough for the sucking reflex to be stimulated in my baby's mouth. So for the last 3 weeks I have been using a nipple shield and I still can't get him latched on. For any of you who have had this problem, how long did it before you could go w/o the shield and how long before your nipples came out enough on thier own?
It's different for everyone... I know mom's who have 6 month olds still using a nipple sheild... Sometimes your nipples never come out on their own.
How do I stretch my nipples?
I want to know how I can stretch my nipples or where I can buy nipple stretchers. I have them pierced so I don't know if that will make it easier or not.
Go online to any large sex toy vendor's site. Look up pumps and or nipple pumps. Nipple pumps should work well.
How do I soften my nipples?
I am completely engorged. I want to nurse my daughter but she can't latch on because my nipples are stretched out and hard. How can I soften them so that my baby can feed?
Manually express some of the milk. That will soften the tissue right behind the nipple and make it much easier for her to latch.
When breastfeeding, do your nipples stretch out 1-1/2 inches long?
I saw a computer animated video showing how to breastfeed your baby but in the computer animation they show the nipple in the baby's mouth, almost in the back of the baby's throat. Does the nipple stretch out that long or is it only for demonstration?
The baby draws at least an inch of breast tissue into their mouth. So that's not "all nipple"
I've got 36D Breasts but I have really big nipples they look almost stretched due to my breast size...?
If I lose weight will they get smaller? Its like they cover the whole front part of my breast nearly, especially on one boob
Are you referring to the areola the nipple itself?
As a male, I can assure you that you shouldn't worry either way. A boyfriend who would be seeing them would already like you and a vast majority of guys wouldnt care and might be pleasantly surprised to see something different than what most girls have.

Unfortunately, they probably wont get smaller, as nipple and areola size tend to be determined by genetics. They might appear to be less prominent if you lose some weight, but as long as your BMI is healthy, you shouldnt concern yourself with losing weight just for htis.

I have had girlfriends with HUGE areolas and huge nipples and it was sexy and different and I liked it as did almost every one of her boyfriends. Dont worry about it, because confidence is 10x sexier than someone with an "ideal body"

Good luck to you :)
What will happen to my nipples (pic inside)?
Okay, I'm about thirty to forty pounds over weight... Because of this I have VERY stretched out nipples. I'm going to get into shape and healthy, but I was wondering what will happen to my nipples when I do this??

how mine are:…

how they were back in the day:…
I doubt they will go back to normal completely.
One of my nipples is bigger than the other (see attached image), should I go to my doctor about this?
I only noticed recently that one of my nipples is more stretched than the other. This may be down to losing a lot of weight recently. Should I inform my doc? See the attached link for an image and let me know what you think:
no its fine ..
your one side is stretching more than other..
might you have bigger muscles on one side..
not a big issue..
How do i darken the colour of my nipples?
It's fleshy pink! Meaning the colour blends with my areola, plus to make it worse: I have a small nipples and there's stretch mark all over it. My breast really looks weird! This is why i'm not comfortable with my body. I'm 14
You cant...its called finishing puberty darling :(

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